The Time Before the Beginning

In that sad time before OK existed there was a clan called U3, a little light needs to be shed on this clan before you can properly understand OK...

Unreal 3 and Road Rapage

A long long time ago back in February 2008, a clan known as RR was formed for UT3 by a young gamer named Rezzy and co-leaded by Mudman and Skaife ( Chewy ). The team was strong but small and lacked the resources to be a full time operational clan so RR merged with the Unreal 3 Clan of FFoW and UT3 which was lead by Kustom and Evil Rage ( Trippy ). U3 being a much better resourced clan helped secure RRs survival and so the very first crumbs of OK were formed with this merge. U3 thrived for a long time but sadly Trippy left the clan due to personal issues and not long after so did Kustom. Kustom handed leadership over Timmsy who at first seemed a strong leader however was soon seen to have some faults in leadership and due to a row Rezzy and several other members left the clan. U3 had now become very large in Call of Duty ( CoD ) and the final remnants of the FFoW Squad were now a minority in the clan and although this did not particularly bother us however friction however we did have some issues on how the clan was being run by dictatorial methods from the leaders Sinex and Timmsy and after many clashes we found U3 was no longer the place for us.

Formation of OutKasts

Once the FFoWers had departed from U3, RandomG sought to start a new clan for the old U3 with the original members ( by now most had left U3 save a few couple ), another old face returning was Trippy, one of the two U3 founders. Both Trippy and RandomG then started building up OK, Trippy worked on the website while Random worked on recruitment and leadership. The OutKasts name stood for the outcasts of U3 and the clans goal was to rewrite the history of U3 the way it was meant to be written before the dictato

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