Games: Frontlines: Fuel of War

DOB: 17th August 1993

Join Date: 14th January 2010


Before U3 Bakerboy was apart of the WP clan for CoD4 when it first came out. During his time in the clan Bakerboy became the head of the Voice Communications in the clan that being Ventrilo however his time in WP was a short one as Baker wanted to move into the game FFoW when it was released since he was bored of CoD4 but his clan had no interest in the game so he left WP. Baker then joined U3 in April 2008 at the request of (U3)Kustom, the clan leader in June 2008, Kustom and Bakerboy made a transition from U3's TS2 to Ventrilo were Baker was familiar with running the WP clans Ventrilo for a time, Baker was the head of the U3 Vent between June 2008- April 2009 where he left the clan however made a brief return before leaving again on New Years Day 2010.


Bakerboy joined OK on the day of it's founding after being suggested to join by the clan leader [[{OK}RandomG]] becoming one of the very first members. When the clan was looking for a VoiP server they had originally planned to run the TS3 system however Bakerboy offered to turn his Ventrilo into the clans system, most of the members at the time used his Vent to play and game with as a community, Baker is currently the Head of Ventrilo in OK, Baker has had this role in every clan he has been in for a certain amount of time.

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